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Publications in 2000

Javier Esparza, Peter Rossmanith, and Stefan Schwoon. A uniform framework for problems on context-free grammars. EATCS Bulletin, 72:169–177, October 2000.
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Javier Esparza, David Hansel, Peter Rossmanith, and Stefan Schwoon. Efficient algorithms for model checking pushdown systems. In E. Allen Emerson and A. Prasad Sistla, editors, Proceedings of CAV 2000, volume 1855 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 232–247. Springer, July 2000.
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Tech report version
Javier Esparza, David Hansel, Peter Rossmanith, and Stefan Schwoon. Efficient algorithms for model checking pushdown systems. Technical Report TUM-I0002, SFB-Bericht 342/1/00 A, Technische Universität München, Institut für Informatik, February 2000.
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Conference version
A. Bouajjani, J. Esparza, A. Finkel, O. Maler, P. Rossmanith, B. Willems, and P. Wolper. An efficient automata approach to some problems on context-free grammars. Information Processing Letters, 74(5–6):221–227, 2000.
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An even more efficient approach can be found in ERS00
J. Esparza and S. Melzer. Verification of safety properties using integer programming: Beyond the state equation. Formal Methods in System Design, 16:159–189, 2000.
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J. Esparza and A. Podelski. Efficient algorithms for it pre and it post on interprocedural parallel flow graphs. In Proc. of POPL'2000, pages 1–11. ACM Press, 2000.
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J. Esparza and C. Schröter. Reachability Analysis Using Net Unfoldings. In H. D. Burkhard, L. Czaja, A. Skowron, and P. Starke, editors, Workshop of Concurrency, Specification & Programming, volume II of Informatik-Bericht 140, pages 255–270. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 2000.
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Journal version
L. Prensa Nieto and J. Esparza. Verifying single and multi-mutator garbage collectors with Owicki-Gries in Isabelle/HOL. In M. Nielsen and B. Rovan, editors, Proceedings of the 25th Conference on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, number 1893 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 619–628. Springer-Verlag, 2000.
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C. Röckl and J. Esparza. On the mechanized verification of infinite systems. In A. Bode and T. Ludwig, editors, Proc. SFB 342 Final Colloquium, pages 31–52. Technische Universität München, 2000. Published as Technical Report.
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