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Publications - Efficient Algorithms for Model Checking Pushdown Systems


Javier Esparza, David Hansel, Peter Rossmanith, and Stefan Schwoon. Efficient algorithms for model checking pushdown systems. Technical Report TUM-I0002, SFB-Bericht 342/1/00 A, Technische Universität München, Institut für Informatik, February 2000.


We study model checking problems for pushdown systems and linear time logics. We show that the global model checking problem (computing the set of configurations, reachable or not, that violate the formula) can be solved in time and space, where and are the size of the pushdown system and the size of a Büchi automaton for the negation of the formula. The global model checking problem for reachable configurations can be solved in time and space. In the case of pushdown systems with constant number of control states (relevant for our application), the complexity becomes time and space and time and space, respectively. We show applications of these results in the area of program analysis and present some experimental results.

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