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Chair for Foundations of Software Reliability and Theoretical Computer Science
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Welcome to the Chair for Foundations of Software Reliability and Theoretical Computer Science. The interests of the group span

  • all aspects of software reliability, with special emphasis on model-checking and program analysis techniques;
  • foundations of software analysis techniques, in particular automata theory, logic, and complexity;

Current research topics include:

Parameterized Verification and Synthesis Verification of Probabilistic Systems
Parameterized stochastic systems; Verification and synthesis of infinite-state systems; Petri nets; Population protocols; Constraint-based technology Probabilistic model-checking; Analysis of infinite-state Markov chains; Applications to reputation systems
Foundations of Program Analysis Formal Methods for High-Level Software
Generic program analyzers; Theory and applications of polynomial equations on semirings; Fixed point algorithms and their convergence speed Model-checking Java programs; Testing with model-checking techniques; Verification of infinite-state systems; Security infrastructures
Model Checking and Constraint Solving Automata, Logic, and Complexity
Malicious code detection; Automated abstraction; Parameterized verification; SAT and constraint solving Mathematical methods for discrete systems; Classification and algorithms for hard problems; Temporal logic and foundations of verification