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Publications in 1997

O. Burkart and J. Esparza. More infinite results. Bulletin of the EATCS 62 (Concurrency Column), 1997.
E. Best, J. Esparza, B. Grahlmann, S. Melzer, S. Römer, and F. Wallner. The PEP verification system. In FEmSys'97, 1997. Tool presentation.
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A. Bouajjani, J. Esparza, and O. Maler. Reachability analysis of pushdown automata: Application to model-checking. In Proc. of CONCUR'97, 1997.
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PDF (430 kB)
J. Esparza and S. Melzer. Model checking LTL using constraint programming. In Proc. of Application and Theory of Petri Nets'97, 1997.
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PDF (254 kB)
J. Esparza and P. Rossmanith. An automata approach to some problems on context-free grammars. In R. Valk C. Freksa, M. Jantzen, editor, Foundations of Computer Science, Potential - Theory - Cognition, number 1337 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 143–152, 1997.
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J. Esparza. Petri nets, commutative context-free grammars, and basic parallel processes. Fundamenta Informaticae, 31:13–26, 1997.
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Conference version
J. Esparza. Decidability of model-checking for infinite-state concurrent systems. Acta Informatica, 34:85–107, 1997.
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