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Publications in 1994

J. Esparza and M. Nielsen. Decibility issues for Petri nets - a survey. Journal of Informatik Processing and Cybernetics, 30(3):143–160, 1994.
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J. Esparza. On the decidability of model checking for several mu-calculi and petri nets. In S. Tison, editor, Proceedings of Trees in Algebra and Programming - CAAP '94, 19th International Colloquium 1994, number 787 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 115–129, 1994.
PDF (1 MB)
J. Esparza. Reduction and synthesis of live and bounded free choice Petri nets. Information and Computation, 114(1):50–87, 1994.
PDF (3 MB)
J. Esparza. Model checking using net unfoldings. Science of Computer Programming, 23:151–195, 1994.
M. Koutny, J. Esparza, and E. Best. Operational semantics for the Petri box calculus. In B. Jonsson and J. Parrow, editors, Proceedings of CONCUR '94, number 836 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 210–225, 1994.