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Publications in 1998

J. Esparza. Decidability and complexity of Petri net problems – an introduction. In G. Rozenberg and W. Reisig, editors, Lectures on Petri Nets I: Basic Models. Advances in Petri Nets, number 1491 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 374–428, 1998. Section 8 presents a logic for Petri nets, due to Yen, having an EXPSPACE model-checking problem. Unfortunately, Yen's paper has a mistake. For a description of the mistake and a partial correction see "On Yen's Path Logic for Petri Nets" by Faouzi and Habermehl, Workshop on Reachability Problems 2009.
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J. Esparza. Reachability in live and safe free-choice Petri nets is -complete. Theoretical Computer Science, 198(1–2):211–224, 1998.
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Stefan Schwoon. Übersetzung von SDL-Spezifikationen in Petri-Netze. Master's thesis, Universität Hildesheim, 1998. In German.
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