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A conversion game extension for JFLAP


This game, based on JFLAP, lets you play with conversions between various representations of regular and ω-regular languages.

The game is divided into levels. At each level, you are given a representation of a (ω-)regular language (e.g. NFA), and asked to convert it into another represenation (e.g. DFA). The game then checks whether both representaions are equivalent. If yes, you move to the next level. If not, the game produces a counterexample and lets you try again.

To help pass a level, the game also keeps a track of your incorrect inputs in the History window.

Available conversions

Regular languages:

  • Guess DFA from NFA, RE, MSOL
  • Guess NFA from RE, MSOL
  • Guess RE from DFA, NFA, MSOL
  • Guess MSOL from DFA, NFA, RE

ω-regular languages:
  • Guess BA from LTL, ORE
  • Guess ORE from BA, LTL
  • Guess LTL from BA, ORE


  • Menu

  • Playing through each level

  • A wrong NFA guess. Note the counterexample written in red.

  • A wrong LTL guess


  • Java 8.0 or later


Source code


  • Bachelor thesis of Fabio Bove (the user manual can be found in Appendix B)


The game was written by Fabio Bove as a part of his Bachelor thesis. For any questions or comments, please contact Dejvuth Suwimonteerabuth.


Last updated: 24.09.2015